Gumi is a language primarily spoken in the country of Gumi.


Labial Alveolar Retroflex Velar Glottal
Stop p /ph/ b /p/ t /th/ d /t/ k /kh/ g /k/
Nasals m n ng /ŋ/
Affricates c /tsh/ z /ts/ ch /tʂh/ j /tʂ/
Fricative f s sh /ʂ/ h
Trill r
Approximant w l y /j/

The vowels are: a /ɔ/, o /o/, u /u/, e /e/, i /i/, ei /ɪ/, and eo /ə/.


The syllables of Gumi are of the form (CONSONANT) + (GLIDE) + VOWEL + (FINAL), where the glides are r/w/y, and the final is any consonant but a stop.

  • l becomes r if the previous syllable did not end in a vowel.


Nouns are most commonly made plural by adding -en to the end.


Each verb has three basic forms: standard (do), present (doing), and perfect (did). The present is used to emphasize an action in progress, while the perfect to emphasize an action that is completed.

Standard Present Perfect
-a ejta -alo ejtalo -eoz ejteoz
-i tecumi

Particle words can be added after the verb to further modify the action:

  • si : The verb tense is from the perspective of the past. (e.g. "was", "used to be")
  • bri : The verb tense is from the perspective of the future. (e.g. "will be")
  • feong : The verb is talking about possible outcomes, not demonstrable facts. (e.g. "could have been")
  • ein : The verb is talking about what ought to be. (e.g. "should be")
  • du : The action of the verb is being done to the subject, not being done by the subject.


Word Part of speech Translation
aneri n. flower
ankeom n. soul
ashreom n. gold
bejel n. destiny
bowe n. bounty, plenty
cura n. blue
chun n. boldness
egen n. beauty, handsomeness
eom n. person
en n. woman, female
eze v. to love
fanu n. star
feri n. fey
gam n. sky
garo n. courage, bravery
gecheo n. friend
go n. spear
gompe v. to live
hekeom v. to breathe
iye n. bird
jishe n. truth
jotu n. thorn
kom n. archon
maji suffix person who does/is associated with
mapi n. highness, loftiness
meze n. goodness
mire n. fame, brightness
mom prefix not
mon n. royalty
narogi n. speckles
nowe v. to have, possess
o prefix noun/adjective associated with action
ode n. old age
oden n. house
ojaku n. sorcery
olco n. aloneness, isolation
onsuwel n. immortality
oroke n. security
padu n. song, melody
powe n. red
regom n. man, male
remore v. to give a message
romeme v. to rain, storm, monsoon
sheto v. to bless
sheodo v. tax
shom v. to bring
shun n. wood
soto n. wind, breeze
sowum n. peace
sugo n. kind, sort, type
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